The Life Of One American Boy This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.


Over the last four years, I've seen what you would consider the perfect kid totally throw his life away. From the time he turned 13 until now, at 18, he has taken a total turn for the worse. He once was looked up to and even idolized by many, including me. So why did this happen to him?

I'd like to draw you a picture of him. He was very active in the band, liked by the band directors; he was a soccer player who went to the All-States; he was a good swimmer and was very intelligent. He was always on the honor roll and was active in school until he started using drugs. That's when it all changed. The good little boy wasn't too good anymore.

From my understanding it started as a weekend thing, using marijuana, but that's not where it ended. Before he knew it, it was an everyday thing, and finally marijuana wasn't good enough anymore. It wasn't getting him high, so he began to explore other "bigger" and "better" drugs. He began using crack, cocaine, crystal meth and heroin. He is now a heroin addict. Recently, he was using two bags a day just to "stay sane."

Along with being an addict he is also a thief and more. He has stolen from his own family so that he isn't trusted at home alone. The stereo and drum set that meant everything to him are now gone. He took his stereo to a pawn shop and his parents sold his drum set so they could replace what he had stolen from them. He has cashed bad checks and committed many other crimes. He's lucky he's not in jail.

Right now he's in a state rehabilitation center being given his last chance. He's been in rehab before and has relapsed after coming out. The difference is that if he messes up when he comes out of this rehab, he will be imprisoned. He has 28 days left and then will go to a half-way house. Hopefully he'll smarten up this time. All you can do is hope.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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