the crash

February 23, 2009
By anthony becker BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
anthony becker BRONZE, Cave Junction, Oregon
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The injury that I suffered happened when my friend and I were riding in a two seat go cart that we built. The go cart had a
150cc motor in it the top speed was 70 mph.

Two days before the accident happened we just got done getting it all put together the frame at least. Then we went and spent 300$ on the motor to put in the Go cart. Then we also bought a clutch for it which cost us 275$.

After we were all done we started to drive it a little that night and some the next day to. The day of the crash we made some adjustments on the go cart and started driving it at about 2:00 that day. We drove it for a couple hours then it was to hot so we waited till about 6:30 to drive again.
When we weren?t driving we were making a gravel jump about 6? tall. So after we got done we got in the go cart and started about 100 yards back. I was the driver the gravel had a hill next to it leading into his drive way. So if we hit it wrong we would fly down the hill.

We started, soon we got into 4th gear by the end of the dirt road we were topped out on speed we hit the gravel jump. Then since our height and weight were so different the cart tipped in mid air. When we hit the ground we were in mid roll and my hand smashed the ground we rolled 6 times before we came to a stop. When we got stopped we looked at each other and he had a scratch on his face from a branch then we laughed in a little pain of course.

The author's comments:
I wrote this cause of the great childhood i have had

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