It is strange to be happy again.

February 19, 2009
By Dustin Gallo GOLD, Reno, Nevada
Dustin Gallo GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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Or I think I am happy, anyway, if that?s what this feeling is called. Spring is coming, and the grass is turning green again, and the trees are filling out, so it?s nice to sit under one and roll up your pantlegs and pretend like you are sitting in the shade because it is too hot to be sitting in the sun.

The weather is getting warmer, and school will be out soon, so everyone is in a good mood. It is nice to have an everyone to talk about again. High school is not so different from middle school, except that when I got here, everyone else was new too, so they didn?t mind talking so much. People are still different here, though. I think I am different here, too. Maybe it is the snow.

Anyway Sarah is leaning up against a tree laughing at something I said, because when I am happy sometimes I act like a fool. She is pretty when she laughs because she throws her head back and laughs loud, and for a moment she forgets to hide her freckles in the shadow of her hair. She has red hair. Emily is sitting down next to me and eating through a homemade lunch that smells great. She is not as funny as Sarah but also she doesn?t have to hide anything.

Austin is here too, and he is a riot most of the time except for when Lacey is around. Lacey is around, so instead they are both very quiet. Sterling comes and goes from tree to tree, because under each tree is a different group, and he is fun to talk to because he is always very excited about something. Kayla is in the circle too, but she is Emily?s friend and is mostly quiet so I don?t talk to her very much. She?s very smart, though, and she likes to wear high top sneakers with a skirt.

?Pleeyeough!? I burst, and we are all feeling so good that nobody minds.

Everyone else is engaged in their own conversations, and I am finished with my lunch, so I lean back and lay in the grass and squint my eyes at the sun. Summer is coming and I have friends to call this year.

So when the fifth period bell rings I roll my pants back down and walk back into the building and I do not even think about what it would be like to punch the kids I pass in the hall right in the face. I am thinking about summer.

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