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February 18, 2009
By , Lancaster, PA
It is freezing cold outside I can see my breath I am running though the woods in the back of my house and this my sound ridiculous but I am running after a vampire and it is not too easy see he can smell me . But before I get into that me a going to tell the story of why I am running.

Drake and I are best friends since forever we met in kindergarten when I got a paper cut. It was weird cause he would growl and his nose would twitch he would have an expression on his face like he was smelling something bad and every time he saw or sometime I think he could smell blood he would act that way but it didn?t bother me. In middle school we had to prick are fingers in science class to learn about human blood. He was absent for that class (I started to get the feeling he didn?t like blood). But that was what feels like a long long long time ago but really it was just a few years ago. Now we are juniors in high school he is still the same. In are freshmen year we had to pick something of the human body and I picked blood and how it work my diagram contend real human blood he was absent for that class too. Any way he has a problem with blood I have asked him about before but we always get into a fight.

Today in school we got into another one. I asked him why if he sees blood he freaks about
He answered, ?I don?t freak out I just don?t like blood?
He sounded upset.
?Can you smell blood? I asked,
He said, ?Yes but why do you want to know??
I answered, ?Because when you see blood you have a look on your face like you smell something bad.?
He said nothing so I spoke.
?You sound like a vampire. But I don?t think they are real?
He looked nervous when he said, ?Maybe they are real maybe I?m a vampire.?
He sounded angry so I left his table plus lunch was almost over.

It doesn?t sound like it was a fight but it was for us we normally don?t do that kind of thing.

It got worse he didn?t show up for the rest of his classes and he wouldn?t sit next to me on the bus. Even though he wouldn?t sit next to me or come to his classes he when we got off the bus I bumped into a bully named Jake (just my luck). This bully is really mean he has had a crush on me for the last 4 years. So every time he sees me he has to make trouble since I rejected him when he asked me to a dance in middle school.

?Well look who it is? he said to his friends,
I tried to ignore him but he started to follow me and Drake.

?Hey Katy where are you going?? he asked
I forgot to tell you my name is Katy.
I didn?t answer.
He caught up to me and Drake. I had the felling that something was wrong. I was right.
He put his arm around me and said ?Can I take you to the prom?
I replied with a smile ?No?
That?s when he got really mad. He started to grab me book bag and throw it on the ground and his friends did the same to Drake.
?Knock it off? Drake warned
?Bad choice of words? Jake said, and throws Drakes back pack on the ground again. That made Drake really mad and I could tell because he said ?That makes me really mad.? I tried pulling him away. But he wouldn?t walk away. All of the sudden I see Jake flying trod a huge mud puddle and his friends staring wide eyed with their months open. I started to laugh and then realized that Drake did it. I started to look like Jakes friends. Drake picked up his back pack and started walking I followed.
?Wow that was amazing? I said,
Drake didn?t say anything for a long minute he finally spoke.
?Do you really think I?m a vampire?? he asked,
I Looked at him and said ?No?
He almost dragged me to my house and then went straight to my room.

Once the door was closed he looked at me and said, ?I am a vampire?
I stared wide eyed and couldn?t say anything.
?Katy?? he said
?What ?I said, really confused.
He looked and said, ?I am a vampire. And I?ll prove it?
He pulled up his upper lip and showed me two Sharpe teeth that I never noticed before. Then he went to one side of the room and before I could blink he was on the other side of my room. Then he lifted my bed with me on it.
My mouth dropped everything that I have read on vampires was happening right before my eyes.

We just stared at each other for two hours until my mom called us down for diner. We didn?t eat

?You have to say something Katy? Drake said,
?I don?t know what to say. Why didn?t you tell me?? I asked
?I didn?t want you to freak out like this? he replied
?You think I?m freaking out. I just found out that my best friend is a vampire I think I?m pretty clam.?

He ran out the back door and into the woods which brings me to me running after him. That?s why I am running because my vampire best friend is mad at me. I can?t really see anything except for my breath it is so dark and cold. I am so mad at him for running away and leaving me to chase after him. I have to catch my breath. I can hear something in the bushes. I start to back away and then Drake comes out and tackles me to the ground.
?Why did you tackle me?? I asked.
And then a huge branch came crashing down two inches from my feet.
?That?s why? he said,
?Why did you run away? I asked
He replied saying, ?Because I was scared you wouldn?t want to be my friend any more.?
?Now why would I not want to be friends with you??
?Cause I?m a--------?he stopped before he said vampire.
?Oh? I said ?That?s ridiculous you have been my best friend for who knows how long and you will always be my best friend.?
He just stared at me and then helped me get up off of the muddy ground.
?I think I got a worm down my pants? I said.
He laughed and then I laughed.
He started to talk again saying, ?I?m sorry for running away?
I replied saying,? I forgive you. But don?t do it again. I guess I?m going to have to get use to you being a vampire.?
He said, ?Yeah I guess you will its pretty cool though. I comes with its perks ?
?Like what?? I asked,
Like this he put me on his back and started running and running real fast he knew where we where going I guess. Cause we where almost to my house. We had gone pretty deep into the wood cause as fast as he was we took five min to get to my house. It was amazing on how fast he was going. I felt the cold air on my face it almost flt like I was going to freeze.

We stop I got off his back and then fell flat on my butt. I just layed there he layed next to me and then snow started to fall. I laughed and he laughed with me.

It seemed like hours that we had layed there cause it got up to an inch of snow when we finally got up and went inside. He left around 9:00pm and it seemed like all was forgiven it was the same old Drake and the same old me . I acted like nothing happened.


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