What Luck

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

It was 9:01 am, I was sitting in Mrs. Haines room ignoring her talking about some crazy smiley face tricks, daydreaming about hockey practice. (Magic Three) ?Another 38 minutes of this stuff!? I thought ?It is not like we are going to have a huge paper on this or something!?

?Be prepared, you are going to write a huge paper on all of these tricks whether you like it or not,? Mrs. Haines said.

?Ohhhhhhhh CRAP!!!? I yelled, It was supposed to stay inside but it came out. Everyone laughed at my mistake because it was kind of funny. Another 35 minutes passed and she let us out a little early. The big black cord that lay on the floor on my way out caught my left foot and brought me down to the ground, along with the very expensive machine that followed. The machine was smothered into a million pieces on the floor. I tried to get up and run but she barely caught me with her peripheral vision.

I still kept running, dodging people through the halls with the wind at my face. Every time I slightly elbowed someone they would slam me into the ice cold lockers. As I passed the boy's locker room the thick smell of Axe filled my nose and the amazing cafeteria cookies made my stomach growl, my mouth watered at the thought of the sweet chocolate chip cookies. Outside it was pouring down rain. I saw that Mrs. Haines was pounding through kids so the only way to escape was to go outside. I opened the hard wood door and the rain hit me so hard it felt like little needles going into my skin. (Details For Effect)

I looked around, all you could see was the darkness of the rain and thunder clouds. I was so nervous that I was shaking, so nervous I thought I would collapse, so nervous I was going to run away! (Repetition For Effect) When I looked back, I saw Mrs. Haines and she had the I'm-going-to-catch-that-little-kid look on her face so I darted off.(Hyphenated Modifier)She was like a raging bull going after a cape.(Figurative Language)

I ran so far and so fast that I reached the highway in 4 minutes. The people that I passed honked their horn at me because I was running in the middle of the street. All of the rocks and stones dug into my feet as I passed 94. Family Dollar's bright lights blared into my eyes when I was hit. A bright yellow hummer collided with my leg and kept driving not even bothering helping me up. The pain I felt after the snap and crack was unbelievably devastating. I couldn't get up so I crawled across the street to Family Dollar. I shattered a awesome Honda Civics windshield and crawled in. I'm not much of a car jacker but just then I heard the sound of a marker on the dry erase board.(Expanded Moment)

I opened my eyes and wiped the drool from my face and desk. It was all a dream, I was still in Mrs. Haines class trying to ignore her giving the most boring lecture about some crazy smiley face tricks. (Full Circle Ending)

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