Wisdom on growing older(and ultimately becoming your mom )

February 17, 2009
By , Independence, MO
How many times, I ask myself, have those words past my lips? One too many, I know now. I find myself looking back with cynical disbelief? Ahhh?the irony? gotta love that twist of life?

So, perhaps you girls out there know how it goes. The unending love of child hood, secrets told, giggles, warm hugs?and the (insert scary music here) the teenage years?. (when perhaps we become more of a child. There are certainly more temper tantrums.) How is it, that our once best friend becomes our now worst enemy. But somehow this is not a once occurring anomaly, no, this takes place in all of us. It is perhaps, in the search for independence, that we strike out on our own, ready to take on the world. If we only knew how many Band aides and kisses we were going to need before we packed up, gave mom a peck on the cheek and said with attitude and an eye roll, ?You wouldn?t understand.?

How familiar? sounds just like me.

Any who, here it is now, that I find myself, feisty attitude in tow, and I glance in the mirror. Past my black-circled eyes, past the smirk that graces me lips, past the cock of my hip and the arched eyebrows, (perfectly plucked) that seem to scream, ?Ready for battle!? That I see my mother standing behind me. And thank goodness for that. For as much as I love to forget it, she?s always there. Even when she just doesn?t understand.

And now, gasp of all gasps, I see in that mirror, not only this new daring girl, not only good ol? Mom standing the required ten feet behind, but myself, peeking out with her eyes.


I have, in fact, become my mother. (Insert even scarier music here)

Sigh. It is inevitable. Go look at yourself. Don?t tell me you can?t see the similarities? not that its all bad, right? Right? well even if the other people can?t see it yet, you can.... she?s lurking.... she?s waiting, you know you love her! And just know, it is inevitable, you must become your mother.

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