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February 17, 2009
By Luke Cammarota BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Luke Cammarota BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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The Club

It was a clear day, and the sun was shining on the bleached pavement. It was about this time that school was ending, and all the kids were ready to celebrate the summer like everyone else; by doing absolutely nothing at all every day for the whole summer, while some would be doing different activities. There were a few kids, however, who were forming a secret club. These kids had only told their classmates thats it was a very exclusive club, and would be extremely hard to join unless you were invited to do so. A few of the rougher kids threatened to beat up the club makers, but the teacher told them to stop pestering them. Talk of ?The Club? came and went throughout the school, and kids got annoyed. ?Why can?t we know anything?, said one of the annoyed kids. ?Patience, people?, said Kevin, one of The Clubs Spokespeople, ?we will tell you soon enough?.

It was the day before the end of school that the people who had organized the creation of ?The Club? got together to discuss the important details that would bring this club to life. ?We could go Hawaiian theme?, said a boy named Joey, ?We could call it ?Hawaiian Paradise? and we could put shells up all over, and I could get some coral, too?. The kids voted against that, because it would be way to bland. ?We could do a outdoor type thing, and camp out regularly?, said Kevin, the Spokesperson from before. Again, he was voted against. A kid playing his handheld game tried to convince the group of a gaming club, but not everyone had the games he had. ?Face it?, said Ben, the leader of the group, ?we?ll have to abandon the idea.? It was at that time that a kid sitting in the very back, named Eric, raised his hand meekly, as if to suggest that he had a plan, but he wasn?t to sure of it yet. ?What?, said Ban, who had obviously seen his hand was raised. Eric froze. He didn?t know what to say.

?Well, what is it?, said the kid playing his game. ?Umm, well?, Eric started out, ?we could have, I don?t know, just a regular club, and we could,umm, do group activities every week, or something like that?. Eric sank back into his chair after he was done, acting like he had just spoken he inaugural address in front of a panel of judges, whom of which consisted of over two hundred billion people, while juggling 50 pieces of red fine China and playing the saxophone with his feet. The club members were silent, pondering the suggestion. ?I think it sounds good?, said Ben. The Club members looked astounded, that such a meek kid could come up with such a philosophical idea on such short notice. ?Alright?, said Ben, ?we?ll take a vote. All who agree say I.? Most of the kids said I. ?All who oppose say neigh?. A few of the older kids said neigh, but they were ignored. ?Alright, Eric?s idea it is?, said Ben, proudly.

After school ended, The Club started up. At first, people trickled in, most of whom were bored of lying around for 24 hours a day. Some people who were obsessed with sports started joining after a few days, and some kids ran through the doors to escape the constant nagging of their parents, yelling at them to ?Get outside and do something with your life before your brain falls out and the dog eats it?. After about a month, the club was full, but there was one problem. They had focused so much on the members of the club, that they forgot to find a name. ?The Club is fine?, a few of the kids, including Eric argued. So they held another vote. This time it was The Club against The Sports Festival. The Club won, 25 to 3. At the end of the summer, everyone went back to school, and The Club disbanded. Unfortunately, The Club never got going again, but the kids remained friends.

The End

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