Show Choir

February 17, 2009
By Anonymous

Show choir is so much fun and I will never forget my middle school show choir experience. Today I am going to tell you about show choir and my experiences.
To be in show choir you have to audition and only 44 people make it, 22 girls and 22 boys. I made it my 7th grade year and my 8th grade year. We rehearse on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings from 7- 7:50. If you don?t know what show choir is, it?s a group of people who sing, dance and act all at once. We perform at school concerts and at competitions. The Westside show choir program is one of the best in Nebraska and worldwide. We win a lot of competitions and all the other show choirs have trouble beating us.
Now I am going to tell you more about show choir competitions and our latest victory. At a competition we go to another school and perform. We get scored by a panel of judges and they critique us. Then at the end they award trophies, usually for the top five groups.
Our latest big victory was at Johnston, Iowa where we competed against really top Iowa schools. We performed really well and we got first place! That was very exciting for us because last year we lost by 1 point to a very good group out of Urbandale, Iowa.
In conclusion I told you about show choir and my experiences. Show choir is a blast and if you have one at your school you should try it! I bet you would love it!

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