Three Grades Difference

February 18, 2009
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When I look into his eyes, I can?t help but drop everything I?m doing. His dark brown eyes hold a power that I can?t help but to want. I want to be a part of his life, to be something more then just that senior girl that he knows.

When I talk to him, I feel like I can really connect. He?s different from the previous guys I?ve liked. He?s more naive, and although he?s immature, he holds this sense of maturity at the same time.

Sometimes I wonder what made me fall for him. Sure he?s got those boyish good looks, but I?ve never been one to like someone based on looks. I think it?s because he can make me laugh and smile, and he makes it seem like we are the only two people where ever we are even if we are in the school gym that is full during a game.

It?s funny because when I look in the mirror I see similarities between us, look wise. Our faces are the same shape, though his face is skinnier. His eyes are just a shade or two lighter then mine. We both have brown hair, though mine is lighter from the sun and dying it almost a year ago.

Its weird thinking I look like him, but I?ve always been one to compare my looks to others. If any of my friends new how I felt about him, I would be ridiculed till my sophomore year in college, and I?m only a senior in high school.

I can just hear my best friends saying, ?Way to rob the cradle. He?s so much younger then you, I thought you wanted a mature guy. You really should wait a year, after all that?s what I?m doing.?

I?ll admit it, I?m boy crazy. I have been since I was in elementary. I grew up having this pretty, popular, athletic older sister, who was a hit with the boys. I grew up wanting that, wanting to find the perfect guy. Quickly I became obsessed with boys.

Now, I?m obsessed with another, and I wish I wasn?t. I can?t help but like him, I haven?t even known him that long, but he seems so perfect. Not like perfect, as in can do no wrong. No, he?s perfect as in he?s everything I?ve wanted in a guy. Well, he?s not the brightest cookie in the box when it comes to book smarts, but oh well.

If anyone knew that I liked him, I don?t know what I would do. Hey, that?s what I get when for being a senior who?s crushing on a freshman.

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