The golf cart.

February 13, 2009
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The golf cart

We were on our way home from a wonderful restaurant in Florida, and the golf cart was packed!! It had all my cousins in it, my dad, my uncle and my little brother.

?Billy,? my dad yelled, ?put on your seatbelt!?

?I can?t dad! The cart is packed!? I yelled.

As soon as we turned a very sharp corner, I flipped out of the golf cart, flat on my back in a puddle of mud. Dazed, I looked up and I saw the golf cart disappearing in the distance. Wow they left me here to die. What nice people, I thought to myself. I had to walk; it was over a mile to my house. Cold, tired and wet I arrived at the door and rang the doorbell. As soon as my dad opened the door, he made a face in between surprised and horrified. He had no idea I was gone.

?Hello everyone?? I said in a quiet voice.

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