You ate breakfast...right

February 13, 2009
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It was a brisk autumn morning when my scout troop began to trudge along a narrow, wooded trail. As we were walking through the woods, we hear a growl come from our left. All of us laugh and joke,
?What if that was a bear?? Oh no, I am so scared!? A few minutes later, we hear it again. And again we laugh when somebody cracks a joke,
?Hey, Josh did you forget to eat breakfast again?? Yet again, another few minutes pass, and we hear the noise again. This time there was no joking around or laughing, because?
?THERE IT IS!? somebody shouts.
?Oh, it?s just a baby bear,? somebody else shouts,
?I?ll take it on!?
But remember, wherever a baby bear is, a mother bear is not far?. Luckily for us, we never met that mother bear, because we were already at least 50 yards away!

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