February 13, 2009
By Jieen Bae BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
Jieen Bae BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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Wow! I didn?t know Mexico would be this sunny and packed with people. Oh my! Stores everywhere! The colors too! Wait, what?s that silvery thing in the middle of the place? Is it a statue? My curiosity wins over my amazement, and I look towards my mom. ?Mom, can we go check out that statue??

?Sure, why not?? replies my mother, who was also fascinated with the scene. So, the four of us were walking towards the statue. I was skipping with excitement. My eyes took in every detail of the statue once we reached it: a silver body, a person in scuba diving gear, stiff hands and legs and the dark shade of the scuba diving mask. At the foot of this magnificent statue, there was a box, like the ones that people use to collect money. How odd, I thought, that there is a box there? I quickly pushed that thought away. My curiosity made me take a step closer to the statue. Five milliseconds later, the statue starts moving. I shriek, run to my mom, and gasp, ?Mom, its alive!?

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