Pwinky Pwomice

February 13, 2009
By Jill Shah BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
Jill Shah BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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?AHHHHH!? I wailed. ?Put meee down! DOWWWNN! DOWN!!!?

Mommy sighed. ?If I put you down, you?ll run off just like last time.

I shook my head, clearly disagreeing. ?No! I pwomice!! Pweeez?!!? Of all the people in the store, why does she have to carry mee? There are plenty of other people in the store! Not fair!

?Ooooooooooh! Pwitty scarf! Pwitty scarf!!! Look!? I yelled in my mom?s ear.

She turned around to face a baby blue scarf with ornament designs. From the main part of the scarf, tender strings hung; they drooped down to the base of the cart adequately. It was stunning and gorgeous. ?NO! No pretty scarf!? she muttered.

I tried to slither through my moms clammy fingers. Ughh! Not working! I want that pwitty scarf! Knowing it was useless, I struggled with all my strength.

?You?re only three!? Mom sighed. ?I?ll put you down, but you stay right here. Or I?ll tie you in the shopping cart! Pinky Promise?!!? she held out her finger.

?Pwinky Pwomice!? I blurted out of my tiny mouth.

I worked my way down with Mom?s tight arms helping me. As soon as my ticklish feet touched the ground, and Mom turned around, I ran to the cart with the scarf.

?Ooooooooooooh!? I took the scarf in my miniature hands and examined it. It was still stuck to the hook. I pulled on it with all my power! ?OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!?

Suddenly, I noticed that one of the strings was loose. I took it in my hands and started pulling. As soon as I tugged it, stings popped out of nowhere. ?KOOOL!? I began.
I kept pulling and pulling until the scarf was altered into a heap of rainbows. I hopped on the pile and hopped. Oooooh! This is so fun!

A lady, maybe 25, ran up me. She was wearing a red uniform and a nametag that was a tad crooked. Her glasses were simple: two circles and a rod.

She took me in her hands and carried me for the whole store to see. ?Whose child is this?? she questioned.

Everybody in the store looked. Mommy was still in the back looking at clothes. She turned around to see me on top of a store clerk?s shoulders. Mommy ran to the clerk and took me in her hands.

Since I was still holding the remains of the scarf, the store clerk scowled and commanded, ?You owe us 14 bucks for that scarf!?

I was perplexed. ?What?s a buck??

The author's comments:
This was in Claire's when I was about three years old.

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on Mar. 21 2009 at 10:50 pm
That was the best story every. It was hi-larious... Loved the idea of the story. It was so original... They should publish it in the magazine.


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