Cannibal Crab

February 13, 2009
By Jeffrey Larson BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
Jeffrey Larson BRONZE, Ardsley, New York
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I was busy driving my new remote control car, completely ignoring my hermit crab that I got the day before due to my short, first grade attention span. I looked away to talk to my brother and the next thing I heard was a SNAP of the plastic cage shattering and the whir of the inverted car?s wheels spinning. My hermit crab, less than a day old, was in a car accident. The cage had flipped over, violently throwing my crab to and fro until the cage shattered, flinging my crab onto the floor. Somehow surviving this incident, we had to move him in with my brother?s crab. We came downstairs the next morning to discover an empty shell and my brother?s crab slightly larger.

The author's comments:
My brother's crab died three days later.

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