You Are Supposed To Be Nice

February 13, 2009
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?Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? oh great, who are the jerks yelling at now? You are supposed to be nice at moving up ceremonies. There they go again, acting obnoxiously, and definetly not nicely. The family sitting in-front of us would yell at everyone blocking the way of their ugly son. (This included students). So, my mom asked, ?Could you please sit down? I can?t see,?

One rude lady was like ?(insert curse sequence here) you?re so loud and obnoxious shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? She said to my mom.

My dad, (knowing how angry he could get when he just lost a shoehorn,) was very, very angry. His face was blood red. Steam was pouring out of his ears. He was mad as a bull. One that?s in a bull fight (the ones that they have in Spain,) that really loves the big red flag they keep waving in-front of his face, but can?t get to it because the matador keeps moving it away from him. And the people in-front of us were the matador in this case.)I thought he was going to blow. No, really, I thought he was a time bomb that was going to blow. Instead, he replied, ?back at you.?

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