Funny Vacations

February 13, 2009

My family and I were going on vacation to the Bahamas but we were not going alone. You see we were bringing my best friend Alex and his family with us. We had gone to a part of a hotel, which was located right next to the Atlantis theme park in the Bahamas. In the hotel their was a club for kids to hang out at for a couple of hours, while the parents of the kids got to do whatever they wanted to do. When we got inside me and, Alex went straight to the game room that they had there. While my sister Ciara and Alex?s sister Isabella went to the arts and craft department which was located above the stairs. After about one hour that we had been there, I went to check on my sister and Alex?s sister to see how they were doing. When I went up there, I saw Isabella, but no Ciara. I then asked where Ciara was and Isabella told me that she had gone to the bathroom. So I walked over to the bathroom and waited for about ten minutes waiting for Ciara to come out of the bathroom. I then went back to Isabella and told her that Ciara had not come out of the bathroom. Isabella then told me that Ciara had not come back to the arts and craft center. I was very worried and I checked everywhere where I thought she would be. Finally after checking every where else, I checked the game room and found Ciara sitting next to Alex playing a videogame. Then, Ciara noticed me and said, ?Chris, you play next game, all right!?

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