Polie Brutality:An epidemic?

February 13, 2009
By Donovan Odleugo BRONZE, Newrak, New Jersey
Donovan Odleugo BRONZE, Newrak, New Jersey
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I began to drive back home from my long day at the doctor?s office. As I am driving the police make me pull aside with my ID in my hand. I show them my ID and they struck it out of my hand. The policeman then strikes me and I plummet to the ground. He began thrusting kicks at me and all I could see was red. The cold air placed itself in between my bare flesh and bruises. I then question ?why? and stare into the shallow eyes of the policeman. His cold eyes stared blankly into mine, sharing no emotion and no sympathy. All it took was a silver bullet to put me to sleep. Another innocent soul is scrubbed on the blackboard of injustice. Who is safe from police brutality because I?m not? Innocent people are being killed everyday because of gruesome, monstrous epidemic of police brutality.

Police brutality is a modern day lynching which will eventually lead into the reincarnation of physical enslavement of African Americans!

Policeman often abuse their legal authority of individuals which often leads to the loss of another African American in most cases. According to ?America?s Police Brutality Pandemic?, there have been 2,210,000 entries and cases of police brutality. How in the world are we allowing these tensions to slide past our eyes! This is extremely ridiculous and these cases are increasing tremendously. It is so shameful how policemen lower themselves to such standards that they think are right; and the sad thing is that we are letting police brutality control what we do. By standing against this epidemic we can cure police from using there excessive force.

Furthermore, police brutality de-humanizes and robs predominantly African Americans of their legal rights. In the recent of the Oscar Grant shooting, Grant was coming of a train in Oakland, California. According to ?In California Protest After Man Dies at Hands of Transit Police? the police then identified an African American male and arrested him along with his friends. Grant was held down against his will by three police officers. One police then took out a gun and fatally shot Grant. Police only want to excess the intimidation factor on African Americans like the KKK and the vigilante groups have used on blacks previously. Police brutality regulates a trap for African Americans to be ensnared in order to take control of African Americans.

Police Brutality needs to be ceased forever in order for America to progress into a successful society. This epidemic kills our future leaders of tomorrow and it exploits power. Also according to ?America?s Police Brutality Pandemic?, police officers have assaulted a UCLA student for studying in a library without his student ID card with him! Police abusing their power happens everyday and there could be even more cases in the future. Police Brutality can strike anyone at any time unless we find a way to stop it. Police brutality withdraws us back from being the wealthy and great nation that we have claimed America is. In addition to the UCLA case, the Sean Bell case helped to paint the image of America at its downfall. According to ?Sean Bell- New York police Department?, Bell, age 23, was coming out of the strip club unarmed, the day before his wedding. Police shot Bell a traumatizing 50 times! The police were never guilty of this monstrous crime. This goes to show that history does repeat itself because the officers not being guilty is similar to Malcolm X?s case when the white women were never engaged in the court case. Racism and discrimination are the root causes of police brutality.

So do not hesitate to prevent police brutality because it will eventually kill the ones you love. Write as many letters to your city officials or e-mail people. I wouldn?t be doing a good job of being an American citizen if I didn?t bring up this issue. The more people are exposed to this heinous crime, the sooner it will end. This epidemic needs to end not now, but right now!

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