A Piece That Fits

February 12, 2009
By Tanvi Shah BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
Tanvi Shah BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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Thinking about others is a great thing to do, but it?s important that you learn to please yourself to. I love a lot of the activities that I participate in. When I was younger, it wasn?t about what I wanted. Instead, it was about what my parents wanted, or what they thought was best for me. I realized, soon enough, that by doing the things that they chose, I was missing out on the fun. Why should you do something you love? To please yourself and give yourself the happiness that you rightfully deserve.
There are a lot of things that I enjoy tremendously, but I?ve had the most experience with dancing. I have been dancing since I was five, and I love everything about it. It?s slightly difficult at first because you have to learn a significant amounts of choreography, but the final product is breathtaking. My parents are satisfied with the outcome of the family?s time and money put into the sport. They both know that I enjoy it greatly, and they wouldn?t do anything to ruin that.
The best memory of dancing that I?ve ever had was when I danced for a wide range of audiences at the Southern Methodist University. My dance group and I had been preparing for the event since November of 2007. I remember the day as if it were only yesterday. Today?s date is January 26, 2008. It?s three o?clock in the afternoon on a bright, sunny day. My mom is busy preparing a snack for me while I attempt to squeeze into a yellow, white, and red dress. The jewelry barely slips onto my body as I am shaking, anxious about my upcoming performance. At five o?clock in the evening, we reach the auditorium. It has a large, black stage from which you can see the thousands of soon to be filled seats. Shortly after, my friends and I meet in our practice room 20 minutes before the show. We all rehearse happily as if trying to hide the terrifying thoughts racing through our minds.
A middle-aged woman walks into the room and begins to speak with our choreographer. Nikki, our choreographer, then announces that we are next. As usual, she tells us to smile and to be graceful and pretty. As we let the cold marble-like floor touch our tired and weary feet, we take deep breaths and hope that our performance turns out as planned.We hear the applaud fade and cue the DJ to start the track. The smiles on our faces hide the frustration going through our heads. The music and our lip singing drone out our pouncing heartbeats. We spin and jump and move gracefully into several different formations. As the music comes to a stop, we pose and take deep breaths. The crowd bursts into applause. We could see the red lights turning off and the cameras flashing as we walked off the stage. At that moment, I realized that I had performed gracefully with a full expression on my face and neatness in my steps. I felt wonderful, as if a heavy brick had been lifted off of my chest.
Since the, up until now, I have known in my heart that dancing is my passion. I love it. It makes me feel wonderful inside and out. The rewards, themselves, add up to a great amount. I don?t believe I?ll ever quit dancing because it makes me feel as if I have a talent. A talent that will get me far and one that will please everyone at once.

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