February 12, 2009
By Anonymous


?Have you ever had one of those cold chilly days, where all you want to do is snooze and drink hot chocolate? ?Well I have,? I felt like I was inundating with my lungs filled with ice. It was negative fifteen degrees outside!

It was midnights on the day after Christmas with all the lights out accept a few. My family was heading up to our church and getting ready to head to Colorado. It was a long twelve hour drive. Jake my friend and I played play station portable till about three in the morning.

?Err,? the bus squeaked as it came to a hulting stop. We were at a smelly old gas station. I was eating Fritos when the bus took off at three thirty in the morning.

I walked off the bus at Winter Park the sun was as bright as flaming fire, and snow falling on my head.

We headed out to get snow boards and skies at about noon. It took about an hour and was extremely boring sitting in line.

Friday (the day after that) we went to the mountain to have some fun. Jake DJ and I headed out to Bunny Hill. It was the easiest hill for beginners so I thought it would by fun. The first time down was real fun, and we all crashed into each other. It was about noon and we were starting to get the hang of flying down the mountain at 100 miles per hour it seemed like. When we got the green mountain and got a concussion. He was in the hospital for six hours.

Soon after I got home I felt so good. At first I didn?t know why. Then I realized it was, because I got to relieve some stress, and that?s when I figured out how important it is to do things you love.

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