In the Zone with a T-Bone

February 12, 2009
By Brett Johnson BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
Brett Johnson BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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BAM! God, I love seeing those flames shoot on and out like they?re being freed from some kind of prison. They shoot up above the bars on the grill, and then sink back down into low hot flames. Then you grab the steak. Once you throw it on the grill and hear it sizzle, it sounds like music, you just lose yourself. It?s part of the reason I love grilling.
To me, grilling is more than just cooking food. To me, it?s one of the greatest things in the world. You have a talent. You have a hobby. You?wait a minute, why am I talking about you? This paper?s about the importance of doing something ?I? love. It?s not supposed to be the other way around. When I go out back on the patio and lift up the giant silver cover on the grill and see the gaping blackness on the inside I just know that a great meal is going to be on top of that blackness in a matter of time. I don?t even know what kind of food it?s going to be, but I know that whatever it is it?s gonna? be great. The only bad part is when I go inside, open the fridge, and realize that we have nothing I can grill.
When I do grill, I have to be in the mood and feel like grilling. I can?t just go out and grill when someone asks or tells me too. When I do that, which isn?t often, the steak, burger, or whatever I?m grilling doesn?t turn out very good. I mean, it still tastes good and you can swallow it, but it?s nowhere near as good as the food I grill when I feel like grilling. When anyone in my family tastes something I?ve grilled when I?ve felt like grilling they, literally, fall out of their seats. To me grilling is important because I can show everyone that I ?can? do something and not just sit around. I can prove my siblings wrong about me never being able to do something. To me it?s important because I can do something I love to do, and it always puts me in a good mood, which is good for everybody.
I jump at the chance when my dad asks, ?I?m going grocery shopping. Is there anything you want?? I used to think that was a pointless question that I never bothered answering. But now it?s a question that can decide whether I am content or not. Whenever my dad asks that I immediately say whatever comes to mind first. Which, for me, are typically hamburgers or steaks, just because I feel like grilling. Most of the time my dad?s in a good mood and he buys some inexpensive steaks or regular burgers. Although, sometimes he?s in a really good mood and he buys a handful of T-bones. That?s when I?m in a good mood for weeks. I run out back with the steaks in hand and then come back for all the utensils and seasonings I need to use. I put the steaks on, turn the knob, see the soul cleansing burst of flames, and hear the symphony of sizzling.
All in all, being able to grill is one of the best things I can do. If I couldn?t grill I would consider it a punishment. Because when you?re out at the grill in a summer twilight, with a slight breeze blowing, the birds singing, and the aromas of all the seasonings and steaks, you lose yourself. It calms your soul, well my soul anyways, and I lose ?myself? in what I call ?the zone?. It all happens in front of a few pieces of beef, some flames, and a gaping blackness.

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