spring time

February 12, 2009
By adam carleton BRONZE, Burns, Oregon
adam carleton BRONZE, Burns, Oregon
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It was a hot spring afternoon that smelled of fresh cut grass and flowers. I remember that I was bouncing up and down on our trampoline with a bunch of my sister?s friends; we were having a grand old time. We were jumping off the roof of the garage onto the trampoline for a good part of the morning. So I jumped off figuring that it would happen the same way it had all morning. But this time I jumped and hit the springy trampoline and without any warning I was sent soaring through the air thinking this is going to hurt? headed towards the far-off ground. I landed with a hard thud right on my head, I was thinking ?what did I hurt now? But the truth was the only thing that was hurt was my pride.? as I slowly got up I was spitting up dirt, gravel, grass and sand and had a splitting head ache. As my mother burst out the sliding door and even before she made it to me I was telling her that I didn?t need any help and that I was going to be ok. After about twenty minutes of telling her that I?m ok I got back up on the roof and jumped some more.

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