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February 12, 2009
When the judge says guilty I don?t think he notices the person?s family crying in the back of the court room. I don?t think he worries about that mother or father that has to go home and tell a little sister,brother,son,ordaugher that they won?t see the person they love for a couple of years believe that when a person is being sentenced for any crime that the judge shouldn?t just look at their back ground. I believe that the judge should talk to that person family and see how it would affect them, I only say this because there are a lot of people that have lost a family member and wasn?t able to handle the pain; some went to drinking or drugs and others ended there life. I understand they committed a crime and have to be punished, but why so much time? I can?t answer that question, but I do believe that this system could help the families of prisoners. People may not agree with his system but this is what I believe.

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