TAKS Testing

February 11, 2009
By Anonymous

The room was deathly quiet. The walls were utterly blank without any of the posters. I was beginning my TAKS test and I was completely unprepared. I had played Xbox all night and I didn?t study at all. I thought of how furious my parents would be when they found out I failed the TAKS test because I played video games all night. I realized I was in a pessimistic situation so a started to sulk.
The teacher began reading the directions. I was completely spaced out. I started thinking of all the excuses I could tell my parents or anything else that could help me. Then all of a sudden a gargantuan test booklet landed smack dab in the middle of my desk. Then the teacher told us to open to open to the first page of the test booklet.
By then I was crazy with worry. I could hear my heart pounding faster each beat. I felt as if my entire world was crashing down on me. The teacher in her raspy voice said ?begin.? I never knew a word could be terrifying.
All the students began their test. I could see all the students flying through their first couple of questions. Meanwhile I nervously chomped away at my salty, cheddar Pringles making a loud crunching noise. Until, I thought of something. I could try to cheat. But as if by magic I smelled fresh dry erase marker and I looked up on the board to see written in big black letters? NO CHEATING.? So I threw that idea away.
I unwillingly poked the sharp edge of my #2 pencil and began my test. I was shocked; I knew all of the answers that were on the test. Afterwards I was very optimistic about my grade. When I received my score I had actually been commended by 10 points. My parents were really proud of how well I did. I felt like I had just dodged one of the biggest bullets of my life. But, I learned my lesson. Now I study for all major tests so I don?t have to worry about them.

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