Teens Working At Fast Food Restaurant

March 4, 2009
By Justinee Thao BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
Justinee Thao BRONZE, Appleton, Wisconsin
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I believe that 14-15 year olds should be allowed to work at clothing stores. One reason why is because it's an easier job. Two, it's less stressful and three; it would be much safer if you were to be able to work at a clothing store.

First of all, working at a clothing store is or may be less stressful for the 14-15 year olds who is just starting to work. Why? Because maybe one day you're working at a fast food restaurant, Mc Donalds for instance and there's a huge line. You have to make the food at a fast pace because if you don't then your boss/manager will yell at you. For a clothing store, it's pretty simple. You just refold the clothes, or scan the item and bag it. Working at fast foods restaurants is pressuring yourself and forcing yourself to do more than you can handle. Of course there would be days where there are a lot of customers at clothing stores but than you won't have to work at a fast pace. Working at a slow pace at clothing stores if better than making a mistake while scanning and getting in trouble.

Second, working at a clothing store teens usually get a simple job, such at folding or hanging clothes. Those are things that we all do daily. All you got to learn later is how to use the cash register. What I've seen at clothing stores, it appears that there's not really much work to do. Sometimes teens would get to greet the person who comes into the store.

Lastly, it would be much safer for young teens. Some teens might not be mature enough to know how to do things safely in the kitchen, so they might harm themselves by burning or cutting themselves one day. Working for a fast food restaurant could be a huge risk for some teens. Some parents never allowed their children to cook, except to make toast or make a bowl of cereal. According to NIOSH they say that approximately 44,800 teens (14-17 yr olds) are mostly injured. In those cases, the teens had been sent to emergency rooms.

In conclusion, I believe that teens aged from 14-15 should be able to work at clothing stores where things are much safer, easier, and less stressful. I still believe that it isn't safe for a young teen to start working at such a risky place, where there's heat that could cause burns. Teens should start working at clothing stores instead of working at fast food restaurants.


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