The Present

March 4, 2009
By Aaron Visser BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Aaron Visser BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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(Smell)As I woke I could smell my mom's homemade coffee. (Feel) It filled my body with warmness as I lifted the covers up and over me. As I looked over the railing I saw the presents glistening in the light of the Christmas tree.

'Tomorrow is Christmas!' cheered my sisters jumping on their beds.

'I'm going to get a big present full of art stuff, also with glitter and make up,' Hannah screamed.

'Well, I am going to get a new bike without training wheels that can go up jumps and over rocks,' Grace replied.

KIDS,TIME TO GO TO BED,' my parents yelled from the basement

As I lay in bed I kept thinking I am going to open that new Roland Electric drum set. With 100 settings of different sounds that it can make as I softly fell asleep. I dreamed about playing in a concert with 1,000 people just in the first two rows of 20, it was the best dream that I ever had.

My eyes fluttered open to the cold chill in the air until I remembered it was Christmas! As I jumped out of the bed I rushed downstairs to give my mom and dad a great big hug. When my foot touched the main floor my body filled with the smell of my mom's homemade cinnamon rolls. They were glazed with frosting that shined in the light of the kitchen. It was so tempting that I ate my whole entire cinnamon roll in .2 seconds.

After my whole family ate their breakfast, we went straight to the Christmas tree and start opening up presents. I am able to pass around the presents to my family or any other people that are having Christmas with us. It is also a tradition in my family that we start with the small presents to the big ones. The first present went to my Dad, then Mom, Hannah, Grace, then me. My family usually takes their time opening but when it comes to me, I don't care if it is the best wrapping paper in the whole world. I rip it open in a split second. I could hardly believe my eyes. In front of me sat the picture of the new Roland Electric Drum set! In the box there it sat, just waiting to be used to make some noise.

That day I was playing it and already started to make my own music, so one day I will be in a concert with 20,000 people in it. (full circle ending)That day the feeling of warmness stayed in my bones. I even convinced my mom to make some more cinnamon rolls to eat for lunch. It might be the lights that I put on the tree this year, guess I'll have to use them next year again to get the present that I want.

The author's comments:
I once had a dream of playing in a rock band. Thousands of people watching. Then one day it started to come true!

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Slasher BRONZE said...
on Mar. 5 2009 at 2:17 pm
Slasher BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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It is a great story I liked it


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