March 4, 2009
By Jeremy Handley BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
Jeremy Handley BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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One nice snowy day turned to tragedy into one of the worst days in my life in an instant. My uncle Jim drove down into a swamp . He toled my dad were he broke threw and that the middle is completely solid. Then it happened just like that a good day of snowmobiling gone in an instant. Water and snow flying mixing in the air and turned into mush when it hit the ground. Jim yelling for help. Sinking inch by inch the belt spinning at top speed.

We were snowmobiling and Jim got stuck in a swamp. Jim carried my off the snowmobile. Then Jim fell threw the ice and he threw my onto the ice. Luckily I landed on hared ice.

My brother and Cris were sipping on a Pepsi. Then I got up and I could tell that my dad and Jim were mad. Jim yelled at Cris to get his fat butt over hair. So Cris walked over to where we were. Then Jim told Cris to go get some ropes and bungee cords. So Cris got on his snowmobile and turned it around and floored it to get over the water. He made it! Water splashed every were luckily I was out of his way and didn't get soaked with the marshy water.

Jim and my dad told me and my bruter to go and make a fire. We went over and we dug a hole in the snow. We had 3 matches and they were the strike anywhere matches 1,2,3 gone like that my brother and I thought that we were in BIG trouble. We toled mu dad that the matches were gone he gave us a lighter to light the fire. We found some grasses to light the fire. The wind blow it out every time. We went into the woods to go light it on fire we were walking out and the snow fell off the tree and put the fire out. We got the fire started. Then my dad dictate to get me to drive the snowmobile out of the swamp and to the middle of the swamp. My dad, Jim, Cris, my brother and I got on the snowmobiles and left to go back to the cabin.

We got back to the cabin at 9:00. we never had lunch.

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look at this peas because if you don't then I might fail LA and I don't wot to fail LA. so look at this peace pleas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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