My best friend

March 3, 2009
By xTKxx3 SILVER, Lewes, Delaware
xTKxx3 SILVER, Lewes, Delaware
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He is my best friend in the whole entire world.
I tell this boy everything, honestly. I tell him things that I could never tell my other friends, in fear of them seeing me differently. He is always my partner in English, and we never even do any work. We just sit and talk and laugh so hard that I can't hardly take it any more.
My best girlfriend is in that class, too. She says that him and I should get married. We always laugh, knowing its a completely ridiculous statement to be made.
I liked him in the beginning of the year. Kids these days call it "talking", and thats what we were doing. We weren't going out, but we definitely liked eachother. I was excited for one Friday night football game in fall, knowing that maybe I would get to hang out with him. Three hours before the game, he had kissed me outside of school. The game? Well, that was completely different.
He ignored me the whole time. Everytime I got even the slightest bit close to him, he would run away and laugh with his friend, Mike, who I had also "talked" to once before. I figured they were both playing a joke on me. Personally, I didn't find anything about it amusing. It was the night before homecoming, and I am a freshman! I was supposed to be joyful, happy, and excited. But instead, I was sad, and I spent the rest of the night crying on the bleachers. He saw me.
He didn't care.
I ignored him easily at homecoming, and on that Monday at school, I found out he liked my friend Maddy.
They've been dating since a month after homecoming. We've also been best friends since then, too.
Honestly I don't remember how I forgave him, or even how he apologized. But now, it doesn't even matter.
We spend a lot of time talking. Last night I called him and we laughed about the names we wanted for our children. He wanted his child to be Dante Carlos. I actually thought it was a cool name, and I wasn't the one to lie. He talked about Maddy, and how much he loved her. I am really happy for them, and he really wants it to last.
One time we walked to a chinese place together after school with a few friends. It was just me and a whole bunch of guys. It was actually a really good time, and I was glad to be hanging with him.
I text him 24/7. We talk about everything, and he is always there to help me with my boyfriend problems. He always knows exactly the right thing to say, or exactly the wrong thing to say. Either way, he is being honest with me and thats all that matters.
We've only fought a few times. Once he lied to me for an hour, telling me that him and his girlfriend broke up. He did a really good job, and I felt horrible. He even got his girlfriend in on it, too. When I found out it was a joke, I blew up saying it was unfair that he would make up such a horrible lie. He begged me to be his friend again, and he got me with "Taylor, I can't see myself not having you as a friend". Of course, we just got closer after that.
I was a wrestling manager, and he was on the team. He broke his finger and was out for a lot of the season. He sat up on the stage in the room where they practiced with me, and we would talk even more. I love talking to him - he is the funniest person I know.
One night we were texting, and it was pretty late. My phone lit up bright and I opened the text message. It read:
"Taylor, when I say your my best friend, I really mean it."
Right then, I knew we were always going to be close.
However, no matter how close we get, and no matter how much I talk to him or hang out with him...I know its never enough.
Well, because he'll never love me like I love him.
And thats the only thing I want.

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