The one i love

March 3, 2009
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Theres always a couple of people special, truly special who mean the world to you. These normally resemble along the lines of,
your parents, your grandparents, your best friends. Then theres the those who you fall in love with.
You don't care if they do wrong, just the thought of them being their with you in the end is enough to make you forget.
Their the people who you cuddle up to on a cold wet night. The one who you lean your head on when your deep in thought
and ready to cry. The person who wraps their arms around and kisses your forehead when your sad or lonely or just want
affection. Their the ones who will always be there through thick and thin. The person you FALL in love with. Not
the people who you just love. But this person, you'd take a bullet for. Just to see them happy.

Now i've been through the pain of falling in love, within that time you frame you wonder is it really worth all the tears
all the screaming matches, the bruises and the fights. But in the end, it is all worth it. You make up, you smile, you become
stronger. Don't get me wrong, some people we're just not meant to be with, but.
There is the one.
That person who you couldn't live without, and the person you'd fight for. You know that your meant to be together.
That it's your fate.
So, i dont get, why people batter their loved ones down, or hurt them on purpose, just to get out their jealous rage.
cause you should know they love you for who you are and if their in love with and are the one, they wouldnt make you feel that way
they wouldn't hurt you on purpose, nor cheat on you, nor even hit you, even if its a "mistake" or their drunk
Because THE ONE, would want you to be happy and their other half.

When i think of the people i've fallen in love with. Theres only 2. One that i knew i loved, but we just were not right
for each other. Theres that type of love. The loved but lost love. The lost cause that will always be there, never forgotten
but in the past.
Then theres this special guy who im with and madly and crazily in love with. Who i can't get enough of.
when i see his face pop up on my messenger, a smile spreads across my face, or when he comes knocking on my door, and i cant
help but just wrap my body around him. I know in that moment that hes the only guy i want to be with. When i recieve his text
messages, there not ones that are going to make me cry with being hurt, but cry with the sweet and loving thing hes taken
time to think and write to me.

So when you start to get lonely, you should know that theres one person who your fingers fit perfectly with. who will make
you want to be with them always, who wont upset you but help you get over it. And the one who will make you truly happy.
Who'll be your other special one.
I want to be independant to and have my own life, but the best way to live? Is share it with the person you love.

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