March 3, 2009
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Snow was flying as I flew down my hill toward the five foot jump at the bottom. It was a great winter day.

It was a great Saturday afternoon and we had a bunch of friends coming over to sled. We have a huge hill that is great for doing just that. My dad has a Bobcat that he uses to create tracks and jumps for the sleds. He made a few tracks before our friends came over, so my brothers and I tested them out. They were all pretty fast but not fast enough. We asked him to make a huge jump. He did, and it was finished fifteen minutes before our friends came. I tested out the jump so that when our friends came over they wouldn't kill themselves.

I flew down the hill and hit the jump squarely and shot up like a rocket. As I was flying through the air I let go of the tube and then landed right on my head. My hat fell off and my head hurt but I didn't care because I was O.K. As I made my trek back up the hill I saw my littlest brother Sam try the jump. He was much smaller than me and just flew down the hill faster than I have ever gone. Sam hit the jump a little crooked , but just like me he flew up like a rocket, but instead of falling off the sled he hung on and almost landed. As soon as he hit the ground he sprung off the sled and landed really hard on the ground.

As he laid on the ground I thought to myself, what if he really had hurt himself? Then he stood up and started laughing. Once he made his trek back up the hill we asked our dad to make the jump smaller. My dad started the Bobcat up again and started breaking down the jump. He was still working on the jump as our friends pulled into our driveway.

All of my friends were astonished by the trails and the jump. I don't think they have ever seen a sledding hill better than this, I thought to myself. We were having a blast going down the hill, but it was the no fun to come back up.

'Let's make a train with all the sleds and go down the hill as one!' yelled Travis.

We all started at the top of the hill,Sam was first,then Dom, my other brother, he was followed by Travis and I was at the end because I was the only one who could push us all. All of us were on 72 centimeter tubes. We started down the hill once we slid only about one fourth of the way down the hill Sam tipped sideways and the rest of us ran him over. We only went two feet away from Sam and then we all fell off our tubes. Covered in snow we climbed back up the hill our parents were laughing at us. We finished the day by going of the jump as many times as we could.

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