Somewhere Off Baja MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   The imitation Indiglo watch

reads 2: 46 a.m. A small silhouette

is cast onto the ocean from an

even smaller boat. Looking

over the stern, the face of

a lady looks back. A beautiful

lady, with skin pale like

moonlight, a being not

bound by time. Seeking

solace in her gentle rocking,

just like ancient mariners

hundreds of years before


As the bow slices through

a swell, the ocean around

turns a phosphorescent green,

and after several seconds, fades,

keeping perfect time

with the next swell. Dying

away, to be calm for only a

second, before churning

back to life with color.

The gentle breeze kicks up,

drawing the lingering clouds away

like a curtain, revealing the

timeless performance of the

stars. The great rulers, hunters

lovers, and animals staged

in their endless performance

against a black silk cloth.

Alone, I make a small but

attentive audience. For if

you listen, and watch closely,

endless things will be revealed.

The hand-held radio, playing

almost mutely informs

me of the tragedy of everyday

life. " ... three shot, two dead."

"forest fires rage out of control ..."

"officer killed by cult ..."

I turn it over and rip out

the batteries.

My watch being over,

I head down below,

with only dreams to

look forward to.

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i love this so much!


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