March 2, 2009
By AshleyZ SILVER, Oxford, Connecticut
AshleyZ SILVER, Oxford, Connecticut
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He was an angry kid. Whether it was because of his parent's recent divorce or perhaps something physiological, no one knew. And no one would stay in his way long enough to ask. His hot temper and mean right hook cleared a path in front of him everywhere he went. In fact, we hardly saw anyone talk to him. Well, except for Chloe.

Chloe; a girl who had a natural beauty about her. Her sweet personality, sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes caught every boy's attention. Of course, not one of them would talk to her. She was 'his'. Her heart belonged to him, and his to her. There wasn't a time when we saw them apart.

Chloe was such a sweet thing, but when she was around him, she took on a rebellious attitude; one that didn't fit her at all. He would randomly hurt people who did nothing, and Chloe would stand there. She knew it was wrong, but something stopped her from saying anything. She would turn the other cheek, only wanting to see the best in him. She loved him. But I guess there is only so long you can ignore injustices.

I actually remember the day it happened. He was walking down the hall, Chloe with him as usual. Another student, I believe his name was Connor, didn't see him. Connor stepped in front of him. Bad idea. No sooner did Connor take his first step forward, he was already on the floor. As he stared into his red, hot, face, Connor winced; knowing what was coming next. We all did.

He raised his clenched fist, ready to deliver a blow that would, undoubtedly, cause at least a black eye. Perhaps it was the tears already forming in Connor's eyes that did it; but that same something that once stopped Chloe now made her step forward. She gently laid her hand on his shoulder, as if to say, 'Please, don't''

He turned around so fast; no one could have stopped it. His fist, once directed towards the cowering boy on the floor, hit Chloe with such force, she fell back against a wall. Gasps came from everyone. Chloe held her already swollen cheek as she looked up. Those eyes once filled with love and understanding for him, were filled with tears and hurt. She stood up, leaning against the wall that was helping to keep her balance.

That's when he realized what he did. His face went from one of anger, to one of remorse. He held out a hand.

'I'm'Chloe'I'm sorry'I just',' he mumbled. She turned around and ran, as if someone was perusing her; never looking back. He called her name out a few more times, and then turned around. His face was again bright red and his frustration was evident. He spun forward, punching a wall; leaving a dent. He ran from the crowd, screaming in aggravation.

We never saw Chloe with him again; and perhaps for the best. His anger overtook him, and his wrath was upon everyone he saw from the day he lost her. That is, everyone except Chloe. We still catch him now and again; staring at her. And on rare occasions, we see tears form in his eyes. I guess it is true.

You don't know what you've got until it's gone'

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