Skiing Stull's

March 2, 2009
'Are you ready Abbie? PUNCH IT!' The boat revved up and we were ready to start skiing, or so we thought. (big potato lead)

I had been very excited that we were going back to my family's lake house. I was so excited, so excited that I could finally ski with the big kids, so excited that I graduated from the bar, so excited that I was starting to feel nervous. (repetition for effect)

Just an hour before I had been watching my dad skiing back and forth without a problem. My dad was like a bird, swaying to and fro like he was born to do it, myself on the other hand was not as naturally talented. (figurative language)

My first attempt skiing on back rope (that goes in the back of the boat) my dad decided he wanted to be back there to help me. To tell the truth I didn't want anyones help, I wanted to do it on my own. So I was slightly ignoring what he was saying. My mom kept giving me the listen-to-your-father look (hyphenated modifier), but I was very frustrated. The boat shot off and 1-2-3, I was down already with a mouth full of water. A mouth full of fish poop, rich camper pee, and dirty water filled my mouth, I almost threw up at the taste and thought of it!! (specific details for effect)

At my second attempt my dad let my cousin, Sarah, try to help me. I was beyond frustrated at my skis because when the boat started I had to have knee's bent, ski's right smack dab in front of my face, and both of my wet slippery hands on the rope. The boat started sputtering and pulling me very slow, but my ski's started floating behind me, so it looked like I was lying on my stomach! With every rock solid muscle in my body I fought to bring my over buoyant skis back in front of me. I couldn't, and my whole family was cracking up at me because we had to stop the boat before we even started skiing!(expanded moment)

Thats all the family was talking about for the rest of the night, but surprisingly it was about how proud of me they were, laughing about when they learned to ski, joking about what could've happened, congratulating me on doing so well for my first try! (magic 3) I yelled, 'punch it!' one more time and the engine revved up, but low-and-behold I didn't make it even 10 ft. I knew that we all thought I would get it right away, but maybe I was different that all the other Stull's, maybe it'll take me longer to learn, but know this, when I finally ski I'm going to blow there minds! (full circle ending)

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