Could We Run?

March 1, 2009
By thatgirl GOLD, East Woodbrook, Connecticut
thatgirl GOLD, East Woodbrook, Connecticut
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We wait for a table to be cleared and escape from the madness that's held within the waiting room. We walk out the
main entrance and walk around the building. The sound of the cars rushing by on the highway fill my ears, but
nothing could distract me from him. We walk slowly in the middle of the parking lot, careless of everything, my
hands shoved in my hoodie pocket. We're talking about nothing just letting anything happen. i look down at my
converse shoes as i walk and think about how much i love it when im with him. He asks whats wrong, but i say
"nothing" like i do every single time, even though 100% of the time its a lie. Nothing feels alright ever. We keep
walking until we reach a curb clean of debris. I walk across it with my arms out for balance and then just stand
there looking around at the city plaza we're in and the highway and its possibilities it holds. As im concentrated
on my surroundings i realize that he's looking at me. I look him in the eyes as if to ask "what" and he looks into
mine almost as if he knows what i'm thinking. He looks out at the highway and says, " We should just runaway". He
turns back to me, waiting for my response. I say, " we should, comon lets go". I jump off the curb and then start
running, i turn my head as i run and see him standing in the middle of the lot watching me. I wished he would just
come with me, but then i stop and i stare out to the road and then turn around. I walk back and we go into the
restaurant. We ate and then came back outside into the dark. His parents sit in the front and us in the back of the
van. We sit in silence for the first few minutes but then he pinches the back of my leg in a cute kinda way.I hit
him back and he grabs my hand and starts to do something to get back at me, but doesn't and instead grabs my hand
and clasps his hand with mine. Our fingers intertwine and everything feels how its supposed to. We stay quiet and
i get really tired so i fall asleep. He squeezes my hand lightly and tells me, " hey, we're almost there, stay

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