February 27, 2009
By jessica morales BRONZE, Universal City, Texas
jessica morales BRONZE, Universal City, Texas
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'ten dollars mi lady' said the man in the suit ,he was a bar mans for the little town of Rainsville he always used to have that British accent but today was all about me, I was about to do the most important thing in my life . It was the day I would shine! This was my wedding day! I was in the grocery store because when I get nervous I tend to eat candy. I don't know why I was nervous, I guess the idea of not being lonely anymore was nerve raking.

By know im at home, on the couch stuffing my face with the candy and watching ugly betty on TV. My husbands name is Julian ( well soon to be my husband ). He was only 2 years older then me but it didn't matter, because when you love somebody you go for them. Julian and me we went to the same high school and the thing about Julian is that we weren't the people you think will get married in collage! So this is the story of how I met Julian!

September 27 , 2001 ( Rainsville , Canada ) tigers high school

'Shut up Natalie , the teacher is going to give us detention. And I don't want to get detention on the first day of school.' ' this is calculus , who listens to this crap.' ' Well maybe the people who cant afford to go to a good collage and wants to get a scholarship to go to one.' ' rebbs its just a scholarship you already have 100 in this class!' ' 'well it's the 1rst day of school duh I have a 100' 'fine ill shut up.'

Well in my head right know I was trying to focus on the teacher but Natalie kept moving so that was no use of telling her to shut up ! My name is Rebecca, im 6 foot 1 and I have long straight hair, im normal size and im 16 turning 17 next week and I've been living here since I was born. Natalie, I've known her since daycare and know where in our senior year of high school. My parents are the richest people in Canada so im pretty popular in school and I hate it! Natalie is my best friend because she never really cared of my money she just liked to hang out with me in the park. A lot of guys tried to go out with me because of how rich I was but I always rejected. All the girls in school would be jealous. But I didn't really care I actually liked to be hated. Shocking right.

3 period was over and I was headed for 4 but I liked 4 it was drama class. My favorite of the whole day. Natalie took all the same classes as me so we walked together To drama. When we got there a sophomore collage student was there and the drama teacher intrudes us to him , his name was Julian Corpladder , she said he was going to help us with our new musical. Julian was 6 foot 8 inches tall he was skinny but he had a little mustache so it put 1 year more on him. He looked very shy but he said he was out going . You could say he was some what handsome well, he kind of was. The drama teacher said auditions where today at 3:00 I was thinking of trying out but then I thought that people would think just because I was rich that the teacher would give me a part so I decided nah.

' hey you should try out reb.' ' naw, people will think im just going in cuz im rich' ' who cares if your rich you have talent' ' says the only person who doesn't care of my money' 'hey don't judge me' 'I will if I want' 'what ever'.but for realz you should try out' ' I want to but if I''' ' who cares what they think just do what you do best ACTING' ' FINE I WILL BUT ILL REGRET IT' ' I don't care what you regret'

So me and Natalie where walking to the auditorium and when we got there the teacher said that if we were going to try out I said 'ye' but then Natalie stopped me and said ' no just Rebecca' I was like WHAT im not doing this without you well I didn't say it out loud but they knew I said it in my head. So the teacher said 'well then Rebecca lets see what you got' so when I got up stage she gave me a microphone and Julian was there and he gave me a paper and said ' I've see 30 girls today and all of them were terrible so plz don't waste my time' I was about to hit him on the face for saying that but I decided not to. So I was reading over the paper julian gave me and then the song was one of my favorites called down to earth it was kinda a slow song . I had to dance with julian because this was a dancing seen so I started to sing .


When I see your face I get this feeling that your right beside me. So I think of you like one of those guys who are down to earth''''''''.

Julian looked up at me with wide eyes and I read his face it said oh my gosh this is the most beautiful voice I've herd in my whole life, she's an angel! Then when I was starting to walk toward him I tripped over a cord and the music stopped and I felt numb from my foot and at that point I knew I broke it or sprained it tears I didn't feel started to fall and then I saw that I was bleeding from my hand and I thought what did I do to it and what happened was that I had cut it with a thorn sticking out of the stage then out of no where I screamed and silence drew all over the stage. And then 10 seconds later everyone rushed toward me Natalie was the first then Julian they both where looking at me like whoa how the hell could this have happened just with an audition.

They rushed me to the nurse but that was kinda hard cuz a thorn was stuck in my hand and I fell unconscious.

of the pain so instead they called 911. When I woke up I felt a sting in my arm they had taken the nail out and put some alcohol in it so they make sure It wouldn't get infected ,but I could see I had a cast over it and a cast on my leg. I looked like I just fell off a tower or something. But next to me where my parents in there rich close and Natalie and Julian. Natalie was laughing at me! She told me that 'how could I do all this in just an audition' then Julian says unless I get better I wont be the main part and he said he loved my voice but not so much my moves.

The author's comments:
this is not the whole story this is just a piece i just started writting it when i was bord and i have much more then this lil paragrach. and julian is the guy im crushing on!!

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