Trials, Tribulations, and Rants

February 26, 2009
By Shelzzzers SILVER, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Shelzzzers SILVER, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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My older sister was just accepted into Georgetown University. No pressure, my parents said. She is an Oklahoma taekwondo state champion. No pressure, my parents said. She rocks at chess, is an amazing writer, conversational in French and pretty much great at everything. Basically, she is going to take over the world. No pressure? Are you kidding me!? I know my parents love me no matter what, but I'm going to have some serious complexes if I can't manage to be better than my sister at least at one thing!

We made these T-shirts the other day, with jersey-like numbers on them. My sister was number 1, and I was number 2. It was because she was older of course, but I couldn't help but feel that the numbers were warranted for a different reason. My sister (literally) kicked my butt at taekwondo shortly afterwards. Well whudda ya know? She got first and I got, um, well, second. My bruised ego was matched by the multiple bruises on my backside.

Did I mention my little brother? He is the math wiz/star athlete who is already getting letters from MIT and Columbia. His winning ways and fun loving nature make him easy to get along with and not easy to forget. Where does that leave me? I am sandwiched in the middle of two superstars, jumping up and down screaming, 'hey you guys, I'm still here!'

Am I doomed to be the forgotten child forever overshadowed by my freakishly talented brother and sister? No! I am giving myself an ultimatum. I can either shave my head and join a commune somewhere in California, or I can attempt (yes, I know it's cliche) to clear the bar set by my siblings. Because my hair and I are currently at peace, I am loath to shave it (besides, I believe my hair is thicker than my sister's. Ha! Take that, sis!). Hence, I'm going for the clearing-the-bar thing. Being referred to as the-sister-of-the-girl-who-got-into-Georgetown, and the girl-who's-brother-is-a-genius just isn't going to work for me. Instead of moping around wishing to trade places with my sister, or brains with my brother, well, I'm going to try to give dear ol' sis and bro a run for their money! Hmm...she got accepted into a top tier university; maybe I should run for Congress?

Yes, I have a hard road ahead. I may not enjoy it at times, but hey, it sure beats melting into the background whenever I am in the presence of my siblings. So, I now begin my odyssey, hoping to prove to myself that I can accomplish the same feats they have. Hopefully, all will go well, and in a year I will be heading off to my chosen university. If not, look me up in that Californian commune. I'll be the one selling pictures of my famous sister ' or brother.

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