Bad Days...

February 25, 2009
By Emily Cox BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Emily Cox BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Everyone has those days when they just want to pull their hair out. Well, if you think you have it bad, talk to Liz. Liz used to be your average girl living in Chicago, until she became the new girl at an all girl boarding school in Las Vegas. She dreaded it from the day she got there. What was cool in Chicago, was definitely not accepted, or cool here. Curled hair in Chicago was totally in! Once she got to Vegas there were people with straight hair, and when I say straight, there was not a single strand of hair un-straightened, or one little flip. It was like some kid with no emotion, his face not even twitching when a fly went onto his cold fishy eyes.

Liz's first day of school was, well, you can say unbearable. The girls stared at her up and down giggling. She thought to herself, do I have something on my skirt? Looking down, she noticed nothing out of the ordinary. They weren't laughing at her clothing, but she had toilet paper stuck to her shoe! The only good part to Liz's first day of school was that she had already learned all the things in her teacher's entire curriculum. Liz trudged from first to second period with a big fat frown upon her face, and it didn't get better throughout the school day. The day ended miserably when her mother picked her up in a barfy green mini-van. She quickly climbed into the back seat and sighed.

'Umm, honey, could you look at your shoes for a moment?'

'Sure Mom' Liz replied, 'UGH!!! I can't believe it! That's why people were laughing at me today! I couldn't figure out why!' Liz complained. Her mother giggled.


'Sorry Liz, it's just, how could you have not noticed that the whole day? And wouldn't it have fallen off?' Liz took of the toilet paper.

'Mom, I know why. I stepped onto a piece of the 5 gum.'

'Liz, you'll kill me after a say this, but, that is the funniest thing I have heard ALL day.'

Liz frowned even more and brought up her text book and smashed it into her face. Both Liz and her mother were almost silent the whole five minutes home, with an occasional giggle. Liz ran upstairs, but got lost, considering that she just moved into her new home. It took her three minutes to find her room, imagine how long it would take to find the bathroom.

That was just Liz's first day of school. Each and every day it got worse. The second day, Maggie, the most popular girl in school, put chewed gum onto her seat, and even worse, in her hair. Everyday her mother picked her up; there were more tears in her eyes. If someone could have collected all of her tears for just one week you would have filled up a six foot deep pool. She cried before, during, and after school. It was dreadful. Her mother was in denial and thought that her painful tears were tears of joy. She didn't want to admit that moving here was a bad idea, but if things kept going the way they were, she would quit her job and move back to Chicago, where Liz would actually be happy, playing with her friends, and laying on lush green grass with her dog Sparky.

The author's comments:
This happened to my best friend. I changed her name though.

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