Operation Valkyrie

February 25, 2009
By Anonymous

Operation Valkyrie was an emergency "Continuity-of-Government" operations plan developed for the Reserve Army of the Germany to execute and implement should; for whatever reason; there come to be a general breakdown in civil order of the nation; caused by the failure of the Nazi led government, to maintain control of civil affairs. The plan was approved by German dictator Adolf Hitler, who intended it to be used in the event that physical disruption caused by the Allied bombing of German cities resulted in a breakdown in domestic law and order; or a rising by the millions of forced laborers from occupied countries working in German factories.
The "plan" as implemented by the attempted assassins of Hitler was an attempt to 'trick' the Reserve Army of the Third Reich into the seizure and removal of the Nazi government of wartime Germany; under the false pretense that the said same civilian government had attempted a coup dictat; that included the assassination of Adolf Hitler. The key variable being that the rank-and-file soldiers and junior officers who were supposed to execute this plan, would be motivated to do so based upon the false belief that it was the Nazi leadership who had behaved with disloyalty and treason against the state and were required to be removed.

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