The Endless Room

February 24, 2009
By Betty Nguyen BRONZE, Westminster, California
Betty Nguyen BRONZE, Westminster, California
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And then I drift off into a so called slumber. That's when it started. Again. I was walking around an endless exotic but familiar space. Like a 4th dimension, as I was taught. I was alone, alone with black and white swirls gawking at me. This place I've certainly been before, my act I've most definitely felt and done, like a d'j' ' vu. In that dream, I was dumb. I was as useless as it seems, oblivious of the world, just trying to escape. The incentive to survive, to escape, kept me going, and was all I had left. So I continued on. Left. Right. Another left. Straight. Through the door. In the portal. Nothing changed. I was still lost. Everything was still in grayscale, like a printer that married black and white and never had any colored kids. It was enough to drive a rock mad. How can I escape this never ending dream? Were I dead? Then I jerk awake. Reality flooded back. I discovered tears flooding down my cheeks as my mom hugged me and reassured me that everything was all right. I've been having this same dream since I was a baby, and it's the reason I cried when I woke up, though most adults think I was crying because my mom wasn't there. Maybe other toddlers got the same dream as me. I must have had the dream at least 3 times, since I remember all 3, all the same. Except the very last time I had this dream, I was 10, and I wasn't crying when I woke up. I told my sister about this dream and she told me she had it too, awhile ago. I hadn't gotten this dream in nearly 3 years. Maybe it's just a stage.

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