To David

February 24, 2009
By Beth Thurlkill SILVER, McKinney, Texas
Beth Thurlkill SILVER, McKinney, Texas
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Letting your mind wander once more to your fantasy of how the world should be. Seeing the simplicity by taking out the monotony of the showy little drones we deem people, who will never make anything with there lives. You sit there in a a daze while your wheels spin behind your eyes, forming little spirals and constantly improving and tweaking ideas. ..Looking off into the distance as you stand to trot to school; you accert your mind to the busybodies on the street and the hypocrites in the metal boxes as they drive to work. ..Listening to the beats of the music drumming from your headphones your heart attempts to reason this all familiar feeling of uncertainty. The way you see them judging you is an unfair cheat. They question your spirit in a pety game they call life. ..............
Passing the surface of the world and diving into the cataclysmic ocean of possibilities you are almost certain now that it's not you who is out of place. It is them. They over obsess with needlessness..never happy with anything. Holding your emotion for fear of your mind exploading, you steal a long blink and in those few seconds, the pain they created is gone and everything is good, because you are not like those easily patronized souls. You are the one who will be remembered. Your mark is deep and will quench the thirst of multitudes. ......
It will not happen anytime soon. To others you are too young and know nothing. Never let society take hold of your strength. They will one day see you David, and in that instant there mind will open and your soul will free itself.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a very talented friend of mine who is an artist/musician.

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