A Student's Loss MAG

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   A Student's LossShe was one of us, a student at WHSWe all walked the same hallsHeld the same conversationsSo why her? Why did she have to go?Why not someone who was a shadow in the darkness? Why LaToya of all people?She was the image of LOVEShe greeted everyoneAnd consoled us when we were sadShe could make us laugh with the crazy stories And she'd always make us think of things that we would've never thought of before"Did you know, " she said one day " That when you're asleep, you're really a step above death?" Wondering eyes silently question other lost ones. "What if," she began again " if you are stepping up to wake up and you trip and fall?"The once-puzzled crowd now dissolves into extreme laughter Little did we know that she herself would soon trip and fall. She was loved by most, disliked by few and hated by noneI don't understand why GOD ended her earthly existence at the age of 14Why GOD, why?Good-bye, LaToya. Good-bye.In Loving Memory Of LaToya C. Mendes-Jacksonby Charlene Cowell, Windsor, CT

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i love this so much!


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