To Holly: MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   To Holly: Laverne and Shirley(or you and Meghan)singing the tune in lane 3even though "senior lane" was 6and maybe I should have appreciatedthose pep talksbecause they may never come my way again.Pasta parties before the Monson races(those mirror positions with Brad)joking because it was you,happy as always, never missing the momenttreating us as friendsbecause you wouldn't take us for less.Swim team dance,Baywatch song singing our entrancewe all laughed as we ran onto the gym floorbecause somehow you always made it betterwhen we all knew the whole school was watchingand it didn't seem to matterflowers before your last meet,the card we made and signed for you"I won't cry at the last swim race"and you sat there and bawledso did wewe'd never be the same without you.Now things have changeda year at collegebecame an endingflowers speaking not of last meetsbut of last memories.and tears can't fix a 5-second mistakeand they can't make it all fall into a dreammoving through the rainstorm of the last few dayswondering how life can throw irony in your faceraining for the sunshine that you once wererealizing one person can change the world.So when someone asks why we began to laugh again,why we became the people we are why we smile and live for every secondwe can look up and know,it's all because of you.This is to my friend and swim captain who was killed by a drunk driver on October 8, Jacqueline Gill, Palmer, MA

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i love this so much!


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