A New Beginning MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown


When I was born
on Sunday, June ninth,
my birth parents made a decision
that changed my life.

Born to a couple, young and naive,
but smart enough to know
I should leave.

One not-complete family
with one male child
heard of my birth
and completely went wild.

Too young to know
the U.S. was my fate,
leaving on a plane,
flying very late.

Thirteen whole hours,
with a social worker I sat,
with other children,
in other laps.

Finally our destination,
Chicago, O'Hare,
the gate to my new life
beginning it here.

Hugging and kissing,
tears of joy flowing,
receiving this love,
too young to be knowing.

when driving home
calm and serene
while others around me
wanted joyfully to scream.

When we reached home
in my crib I would sleep,
still not knowing,
the love was so deep.

As I grew up
not mother and father,
but a great mom and dad,
and a good older brother.

Now I could tell
that they loved me so much.
How did I know?
By their kind, gentle touch.

by Amy S., Princeton, IL

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i love this so much!


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