Education Takes You Far!

February 17, 2009
By [ana]stasia! BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
[ana]stasia! BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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"Education Takes You Far" means stay in school, and don?t drop out. Most young adults drop out of school because of stress or they don?t feel confident enough in themselves. According to seven thousand students drop out every school year. The state of Alaska says that you have to be at least 16-year-old to drop out, but still many freshmen, or many sophomores have been throwing away their great future they could have had.

To provide a better future parents shouldn?t let their kids drop, or maybe they should actually care and encourage them to stay in school. If they don?t care the teenager could end up working at a fast food restaurant for the rest of their lives. My point is to just stay in school; education has many different ways to provide amazing futures for anyone/everyone stats that 38% of Alaskan freshmen won't get a high school diploma in then years? Don?t become one of those 38%

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