February 12, 2009
By dymonds adams BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
dymonds adams BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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Family is a big part of me. Im very family oriented and I wouldn't have it any other way. The members of my family mean the GLOBE to me, nothing more nothing less. I have eight other siblings in which aren?t big parts of me, when I really wish they were.

I live with two of my siblings, two brothers that is. They are the only siblings that I truly know. They've been around me all of my life. Were the only three that grew up together. I am in the middle off all my dads kids and I sometimes act like im the oldest. I wish we could go back in time and just grow up in one house.

I could never say I trust my older siblings even though that is hard for me to say. They really don't have as much as me and my brothers so it seems as if they would want to be in my life to live luxury like I do. I probably couldn't rely on them to come get me and take me places like a big brother or sister supposed to do. There always honest with me though and that's what I love about them the most.

We weren't close at all. I just meet most of them just a few years back. Our mothers knew and grew up with each other back in the days. Everyone really loves my father because he's a great father. He didn't have a good father so he wants the best for us. Being close is a huge thing to me. I love the people I have in my life now and it wouldn't hurt to add on.

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