Even if we fight, Don't think I don't love you

February 9, 2009
By Autumn Kessock BRONZE, Virginia Becah, Virginia
Autumn Kessock BRONZE, Virginia Becah, Virginia
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a storm is coming over us, and this love. i'm grabbing onto you for warmth. gates and signs are all being ripped from the ground to spin around in the sky. the town starts to flood around us. thick rain slaps onto our skin at what feels like a million miles per hour. i'm cold and shaking. you open your jacket and i reach my arms inside to wrap around your waist.you're what keeps me dry.

you look down upon me and frown. you're weak, too. i strip myself of some warm clothing and place it on your back. more layers will keep you safe. i watch as the steady rain drips down your face, onto your shoulders, and glides right off. you're delicate like i am. i stand on my very tippy toes and kiss you, and your beauty overcomes me. your smooth lips slide onto mine. i feel a fire burning inside of me, a distinct warmth. i feel like i want to stay here forever.

but i feel you pulling away, the wind gripping you. i want to scream but i can't hear my own voice.so i clench your hands in mine, and i bring you closer. fear hides itself in your eyes and you seem like you don't know which way to go. so i catch you. i wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you wherever you're hurt. i wipe away the water from your face and pull your hair back. your eyes look like crystal, so sharp and valuable. i've never felt so in love with you as i do now.

the sun peaks over the clouds, only showing a small part of itself. but that tiny ray somehow finds it's way to us, and we're glowing.i mean it when i say i've never felt so in love with you.

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