Jackson An amazing sachool Day

February 3, 2009
By deanwa BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
deanwa BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
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Jackson was an 11 year old boy. Jackson had a slightly pale skin color. Jack also had red brown hair mix. He was walking to his school. On his way Jackson saw a cat peering at him from across the street. The cat was in a lush green bush with some brown because it was the beginning of autumn. The cat was orange furred with white stripes, its feet were a black color and it had purple eyes. Suddenly the cat bolted across the street at Jack when no cars were coming. Jackson didn't have time to respond when the cat pounced on him. 'Creamy! You're here.' Jack yelled with excitement. Creamy was his family cat, Creamy ran away a few days ago. Creamy was a female cat.

Creamy purred in Jack's face loudly. 'Good to see you too.' He said. Jackson got up from the ground got out his cell phone which was a Nokia and looked at the clock. '7:23am I better get to school soon.' Jack stated towards his school oblivious that his cat was behind him strutting with Jack.

When Jackson finally got to the front door of the school (which was a clear glass door with a red out line of metal.) He heard Creamy purr. 'I forgot about you but you can't come in with me pets aren't allowed in 'Sigh'' Jack said. He opened the first door of the 2 sets of doors in front of him. Creamy didn't follow him into the school.

Jackson was walking down the halls when one of his friends Joey saw him 'hey Jack how are you doing, it must have been hard to walk here this morning it was cold.'

'Not really, hey I saw Creamy this morning on the way to school.'

'Cool Jack she ran away didn't she?'

'Yeah she did run away.'Jack was opening his locker and unloading his back pack in the 6th grade wing. Jackson got out his math supplies for his first period. 'Hey Joey what time is it?'

'Its 7:33am Jack'

'Thank you Joey for telling me.'

No problem Jack you're my friend.'Jack went to the library to read for a while.

The bell rang, see you in math Joey.' as Joey was going to his locker.

'See you in math Jack'

After school Joey and Jack was walking down the halls 'So what about Creamy you said you saw her this morning where was she outside the school or something?'Questioned Joey.
'No she was on the side of the street when I was walking here.'
'Oh okay Jack.' They just left the 2 sets of doors.

Suddenly Joey's mom was calling 'Hey Joey Come on we have to go.'
'Coming mom see you later Jack.' Joey ran off to his mom then they both got into their red pickup truck and drove off in a hurry.
When Jack got home his mom came out and told him 'Look who I found Jacky Whacky.'
'Mom please don't call me that please.'Jack told her back.
'We'll anyways I found Creamy! Isn't that Just amazing?!'
'Yes it is.' Jackson said depressed and then went into his room. Jack shut his door he did not care that Creamy was here Jackson had a bunch of homework he had to do. In his room Jacky wacky shut his door then he looked the door. He started his homework soon after he did that.

After he did his homework it was 5:46pm. Jackson went to the kitchen and his mom just got done with dinner. The dinner was ham with mash potatoes. 'Wow thanks mom this looks good'

After dinner Jacky Whacky went to do the dishes then at 8:30pm later that night Jackson went to bed.

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