trust and believe

February 3, 2009
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Trust is something everyone should start doing and betrayal is something everyone should start learning from. It's amazing how trust and betrayal are so different from each other but they seem to balance each other out so well. I am talking about relationships, friendships, etc. Basically anything that pertains to the words trust and betrayal. Here is how the whole system works. A boy goes and finds a girl; he starts all his sweet, he gets the girl to feel comfortable. She falls for him, so they start going out, talking on the phone till five in the morning, holding hands, French kisses and so on. It's been a month and girl is waiting by the phone, going crazy; there's a lot going through her mind, 'why isn't he calling?'; 'where is he?', There is a knock at the door hmmm who could that be, oh right it is her best friend TRUST. He has come to tell her that her boyfriend is with some other girl. She calls his phone there is no answer; she calls thirty times and still no answer. She goes to school the next day waiting for him and as she is waiting she sees TRUSTS' worst enemy BETRAYAL. She sees her boyfriend's arms wrapped around her own best friend. Now, do you see how amazing trust and betrayal work together so well, but they're so different. It's like they're everywhere and you can't escape it. I am not saying there aren't people out there who don't, have trust; there are people I know who have trust. But, I know there are a lot more married couples having divorces because of betrayal. But, you can't blame trust and betrayal; they're just two words with a lot of meaning. I mean, actions speak louder than words, so it's us people who need to realize that the actions we do is a way bigger affect. I'm not saying you should judge a person. I really don't have a clue how you're supposed to know when trust is here and betrayal is not or vise versa. All I have to say is I guess you just follow your instinct. I know trust and betrayal are here to stay and will never leave. If people could have their own worlds, my world would be called 'The World of Trust', I know everyone would be living on it and it would be a happy world. Not only do relationships and friendships have trust issues so do teens and their parents. Which is I think the number one trust issue. I know some teens who have betrayed their parents; I don't think its right. I guess all you have to do is know what you are doing at the right time.

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