January 30, 2009
By manpreet kaur BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
manpreet kaur BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Bullying these days is really serious because it hurts people. For example, when someone has a weakness, another person takes advantage of it and makes fun of them. Bullies think that they're cool just because they think that there isn't anything wrong with them but they have horrible lives so they just make fun of people to feel happy about they're stupid lives.
I'm writing this piece to explain that if someone makes fun of you, then they think they're so cool but they're not and they probably have a bad life. Although they might not notice that and you think that they have no problems and they have the best lives and they have no problems, it's not. They have horrible lives and they only male fun of people to feel better about themselves.

Bullying can be physically, verbally, and emotionally, and it happens a lot. Kids feel embarrassed. Bullying has everyone worried that they might get made fun of and sometimes just to get rid of it they ditch school and it starts becoming into a daily routine and so they don't learn anymore. They have horrible lives and they only make people feel bad and feel better about them.
Everyone gets bullied by someone who thinks that they're better than the victim. When someone bullies another person, it makes the victim sad and ruins their outlook on life. Bullies are horrible people and they should stop because they have no right to harass people because it's wrong. I think that instead of making fun of people and making them change, why don't bullies change their attitude and to fix themselves and their ego's because what if youwere in the other person's shoes and they were your bully, and then imagine how you would feel.
So in conclusion, you shouldn't bully people because it isn't right and just imagine how you would feel if you were getting bullied because it doesn't make you a better person if you bully, it makes everyone hate you and you turn into a jerk.

The author's comments:
i wrote this essay because i've seen some of my best friends bullied and i've been bullied ,too. No matter what anybody says about you just ignore it and believe in yourself. Don't let it come to you because who cares what someone thinks of you?

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