My BIG Brother

January 29, 2009
By dorissmith BRONZE, Ft.McCoy, Florida
dorissmith BRONZE, Ft.McCoy, Florida
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When I was small I always looked up to my big brother. He would always play tea party and barbies with me. My brother is 4 years older than me and he always cared about my feelings no matter what. Barbies was my favorite game of all time and he always took time to play it with me. When I moved away with my mom he changed. When I came back he was mean and always doing drugs. I begged him to stop and he never did. About a year after I came back he went to jail for murder. I blamed it on myself. Everyone at my school did to. I changed school and everyone there helped me recover and told me what he did was not my fault. I always try to think of the good times I had with him not these dark ones. Hes been in jail 1 year now and ive only seen him twice. Im making an effort to forgive him but it is coming slow.

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