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January 15, 2009
By Brady Valdez, Park City, UT

The magic of love… love is magic a magic that we should all cherish

Love is the most powerful of all the magic’s

It brings us closest to the ones we love like friends, family, and pets

So use this magic and use it well

2) The magic of life… life is something that you should be grateful for

For most people don’t get along one and some get a long a life

Use your life wisely cherishes it, love it, enjoy it

For everybody doesn’t get to enjoy it for very long.....

3) The magic of time… time is an amazing thing full of wonder and magic

Time can fly time can go slow

Time can be good and time could be bad

Some don’t get enough time

4) The magic of family… family is the second most magical of all magic’s

Family are people you can go talk to about things that are going on in your life

Such as death, jealousy, divorce, or fights

5) The magic of sibling’s… siblings can be annoying at times

Actually most times there annoying

But without them we would be nothing more than bored kids

With no brothers and sisters

They may be annoying but we still love them

6) The magic of pet’s… pets have a huge effect on us

Even when they’re bad like peeing on the carpet or pooping

But they always bring out the best in us even when were sad or mad

But they still bring out the best in us

So when you go home give your pet a big hug

7) The magic of the sun… without the sun we would be pale zombie creatures

Without the sun there would be no sunsets or no sunrises

There would be complete darkness with all the darkness; there would be sadness;

We would be like blind mice

But with the sun, there are sunsets, there are sunrises, and we’re not zombies

8) The magic of being older... the older you are the wiser you are

Or aren’t you?

Are you really that much wiser the older you are?

Yes, cause you’ve seen more, heard more, and experienced more

9) The magic of nature… nature so still, so quiet, so peace full

Nature can be so still but yet there’s so much going on as well

Tourists coming from other states to see the magic of nature

10) The magic of water… quiet, peaceful, so calm

Water is a powerful force

One can crush boats as big as the titanic and bigger

And yet water can be as warm and welcoming as a home

Peaceful as a home

The sound of waves crashing down on the shoreline.

The author's comments:
Dedicated to: Chad

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